Maison de Savoie

In the heart
of our mountains

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Made in the heart of the region

Quality artisanal charcuterie

Mastery of the terroir of origin

Typical regional products

Know-how transmitted since 1930

Diversity of recipes

Commitment to sustainability

Environmentally-friendly practices


Made in Savoy

Our range of products


Strong values

Our history

Savoy is an exceptional region, where the specialities are as numerous as they are famous:
raclette, crozets, tartiflette and, of course, its charcuterie!
From sausages and ham to Savoy diots, there’s a speciality for everyone!

Maison de Savoie is specialised in delicatessen. With a strong attachment to its region, the brand proudly displays the Savoy coat of arms and the edelweiss, the famous flower growing in our mountains.

Located in the heart of Savoy, the production sites are at an altitude of 700m, providing ideal conditions for producing, among other things, Savoy dry sausage.

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Maison de Savoie

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