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Maison de savoie

Savoy is an exceptional region, where the specialities are as numerous as they are famous: raclette, crozets, tartiflette and, of course, its charcuterie!

From sausages and ham to Savoy diots, there’s a speciality for everyone! 

Maison de Savoie is specialised in delicatessen. With a strong attachment to its region, the brand proudly displays the Savoy coat of arms and the edelweiss, the famous flower growing in our mountains.

Located in the heart of Savoy, the production sites are at an altitude of 700m, providing ideal conditions for producing, among other things, Savoy dry sausage.

Our workshops are based in an exceptional mountain environment close to the most beautiful massifs in the French Alps and to the Mont Blanc. An ideal location to produce delicatessen!

Savoy is a region criss-crossed where mountains, lakes and rivers meet, giving it its distinctive character and natural beauty. Regularly covered in snow, Savoy has a multitude of “postcard” landscapes and just as much history and tradition.

One of these is “colportage”, when the butcher went from farm to farm, between November and May, to kill the pig when it was fat and ready. Far from being a trivial act, killing pigs required real expertise: great care was taken in the way the pigs were killed, in sorting the meat and in the various stages of preservation. The meat had to be edible well into the summer, or even for longer!

It’s hardly surprising that Savoy’s charcuterie is still so highly regarded today!

Tradition and know-how

The company was founded in 1930. Its name refers to an European dynasty of counts, dukes and kings who ruled a territory spreading across France and Italy from the 11th century onwards.

Our Maison de Savoie brand is a guarantee of Savoyard delicatessen producers’ tradition and know-how, while highlighting all the advantages of its range of products. To offer a range of dry sausages with inclusions, cooked sausages (diots) and dry-cured hams based on traditional recipes, we draw our inspiration from ancestral Savoyard practices: forest spots known to locals where we collect chanterelles, the gathering of dried wild hazelnuts in the attic, the use of local cheese, and the smoking of charcuterie over beech wood.


Made in Savoie

Our product range

Maison de Savoie is constantly developing its range to meet the demands of professionals and consumers alike.

At the same time, we guarantee and respect today’s expectations (practical packaging, fewer preservatives, easy-to-cook products, etc.).

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