Maison de Savoie

Our certifications

Export approvals

Maison de Savoie production site have the necessary approvals to export to the following countries :
Canada, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Chile, …

All our production plants are certified with the IFS high level, one of the most popular international standards, concerning quality, security, and food process.

To guarantee the quality, homogeneity and safety of our sausages, we follow precise control plans and in particular :

  • Laboratory analysis of raw materials
  • Control of parameters such as Aw, pH
  • Automated monitoring of our temperatures and hygrometry
  • Laboratory analysis on finished products

In our workshops, many of our staff members have been there for decades. They are real experts in our production : just by taking a sausage in hand, they know how to assess the degree of dryness of a sausage and its quality. Every week we also organize internal tastings to ensure the quality of our products is compliant.


Our certifications

Label Rouge

Some of our specialities carry the Label Rouge.

The Label Rouge is a French quality label guaranteeing a superior quality of a product compared to similar products without the label. The “superior quality” is guaranteed by precise requirements on how the animals are fed, how they are raised, how the product is produced and the product’s image.

Le Porc Français

The majority of our specialities carry the Porc Français (VPF) label.

The Porc Français logo is a sign of quality resulting from an interprofessional approach guaranteeing the origin of the pork used in the product. A product bearing a Le Porc Français logo certifies that the pigs were born, raised, slaughtered, cut up and processed in France.