Charcuterie platter

2 x 200g


Our platter is a combination of specialities made from French pork and beef from France. Traditional recipes made in our plant in the heart of the Alps. An ideal assortment for various occasions: aperitifs, raclette, Savoyard dishes.
Rosette 60g, air dried beed 60g, 80g air dried ham from Savoy.


Dry ham: Pork ham, salt.

Rosette: Pork meat, salt, lactose, dextrose, saccharose, pepper, garlic, potassium nitrate, ferments.

Dry meat beef: Beef, salt, vinegar powder, aromatic plants, spices, dextrose, natural flavours, saccharose, potassium nitrate, ferments.

French charcuterie platter

Recipe suggestions




  1. Prepare the cheese and the 200g Maison de Savoie charcuterie platter on plates or boards.
  2. Cook the whole potatoes with the skin on by steaming or boiling them.
  3. Prepare your table with the raclette machine.
  4. Each guest prepares their plate of charcuterie and melts their slice of cheese in small individual pans before topping their potatoes with it.
  5. And enjoy this moment of conviviality !

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